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A couple walks away for sex in the countryside and it's hot!

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After a short drive, this young couple are looking for a quiet place to stop and do some dirty work. The young woman lies down on a towel in the completely bare grass. She has a lovely pair of small breasts and a perfectly smooth, already a little wet rump. Her boyfriend dives head first into her vulva and savor this sweaty pussy which has macerated during the journey. He is aroused and his erection hurts while he is lying on the floor. He decides to take off his shorts. Seeing this erection that points to the sky, the young slut takes it with her hand and then her mouth. Now that everyone is ready, it's time to get down to business. I really liked the first penetration. Look at the eyes of the young woman, it is terribly erotic and exciting! Especially in the open air. Who wouldn't like to be a voyeur!