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EXCLUSIVE VIP: 50 techniques to eat a kitty by JM Cordaro

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VIDEO CLOSE TO 60 MINUTES. Exclusively for VIP members, Smartmovies is pleased to present 50 techniques to eat a kitty by JM Cordaro! Second video of the series that explains you professional sounder stuff. This video includes an "educational" component as well as a practical part. Narration, diagram and explanation are at the rendezvous. In this video, he explains how to eat 50 different ways the kitty of your partner. It is not enough to jump on one's tongue forward, unless you want to be the last of the naggers without experiences. What JM offers in its educational and fun video are techniques that have been proven over years of intensive practice. The techniques are clearly explained in narration and supported by visual examples. His partner will take his foot by assisting throughout this video. With the advice of a professional rappeur, you are assured that the next cunnilingus that you will make your partner crazy about you! To watch carefully!